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BroadBase Solutions, Inc.
1410 Russell Road
Paoli, PA 19301
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Our Business Process

You are only as good as your last client engagement, realizing this we always provide the right people, incorporate the right methodology, and set client expectations. Following this criteria we win our clients trust by delivering success in outsourced projects, staff augmentation, and permanent placement.

Our development methodology follows the Agile or Extreme concepts and practices of delivering small iterative releases.

1) Express Analysis
BroadBase begins its process by comprehending the client's vision, understanding the requirements, and establishing expectations.

2) Prototyping
We produce a prototype that allows the client to see their vision and provide feedback.

3) Development and Delivery 
Full-scale development begins which includes testing, validation, and delivery.

BroadBase Consultants go through our software development methodology class, which is designed to develop their analytical approach to software development. All our consultants are trained in Internet and Intranet development. The experience level of our consultants falls along a continuum from junior to senior. Consultants are assigned to projects based on their skill sets and on client requirements.

 Below is a partial list of services they provide for our clients:

> Design, code, revise and test application programs for re-usability and maintainability.
> Analyze, review and alter programs to maximize operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements.
> Provide clear documentation describing development, logic, coding and corrections.
> Participate, prepare, and conduct system training as may be required.
> Install and test programs at user site and monitor after implementation.

Our Staff Augmentation and Permanent Placement services leverage our extensive interview, reference check, and testing processes. All candidates are interviewed by a recruiter, manager, and technical lead. References are then obtained from managers who directly supervised the candidate and finally a test that reflects the skill sets are client is looking for is administered. Additionally we provide a guarantee on every individual a client engages.

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