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A Research Company
Credit Card Company - Marketing Departments

Client : A Research Company

Business Issue :
A large research company, with a suite of products and offerings that perform predictive and descriptive analysis, ranking and a variety of other function needed to implement a data management environment. The environment needs to allow for flexibility, scalability and manageability for long-term growth and expansion, as well as, a highly tuned environment for Internet-based reports.

The report requirements consisted of providing user with access to highly summarized historical information with the ability to drill down into detail. These reports and environment had to be extremely well tuned due to the volumes of ranking information provided by the consumer or business and the volumes of energy, Internet, and telecom plan data.

Solution :
BroadBase worked together with the internal development team to implement a single, easy-to-use, state-of-the-art data warehouse architecture that could be developed quickly, provide flexibility and robustness, and could be used as a sole source for all of the above information. A logical data model was engineered in SQL Server 2000 and then deployed into a physical structure.

The extraction, transformation and loading process was completely data driven, allowing the customer to load data daily, weekly, and monthly. The application was designed for maximum flexibility to allow the users to view data from a variety of multidimensional perspectives such as Referrer, Plan, Provider and ratings over time.

Result :
The data management environment allowed our customer the ability to offer a complete product solution for the capture and analysis of consumer behavior, buying patterns and product appeal. This solution provided the ability to explore, analyze and understand the effectiveness and impact of one telecom, Internet or energy plan from another.

Development Tools :
Visual Basic, ASP, VBScript, COM Objects, Crystal Reports, Excel, and SQL Server

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Client : Credit Card Company - Marketing Departments

Business Issue :
The Mail Marketing Department engaged BroadBase to design and develop a Marketing Acquisition Reporting System, (MARS). The client needed one system that could be used across all marketing departments to forecast, track, segment, and provide profitibility reports for all credit card offerings and promotions

Solution :
BroadBase implemented its eAdvantage Proprietary Methodology, an e-business strategy to complement corporate goals and vision through a series of initiatives to add economic value to the enterprise and enhance specific business processes. This provided an understanding of the business needs and laid the foundation for the design and development of the MARS system.

Result :
The Marketing Department now has a mission critical system that provides: 15 different business units and 300+ users with real time cross departmental information, houses 40 GB of data, manages 1,736,710,858 potential applications per year, and manages 16,632+ programs. The database has very robust reporting capabilities along with tracking and scheduling features.

Development Tools :
VB.Net, ASP.Net, XML, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, SQL Server and Oracle

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